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In a setting of rare beauty, on the edge of the ancient urban center, situated on the top of a cliff once lapped by the sea, finds solace the former monastery of the Poor Clares. The architectonic structure consists of different levels, following the profile of the rocky spur on which the different volumes composing the church, the convent and the cloister are distributed, opened on the coastal landscape with its wide arches.
Of the ancient church, now part of the palace, remains the beautiful mullioned windows with spiral column, a poly-lobed window and the great saint stone arch, covered with frescoes depicting stylized flowers and swirls.
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The monastic complex was built in 1620, in the spot where once was situated the Folleri Palace, purchased by the nuns in 1618 as the old convent of the Pinta district, opened in 1603, resulted inadequate to the religious needs, because of the small size and the excessive proximity of private homes, which bore much disturbance to the cloister activity. Napoleon’s conquest led to the suppression of the convent, which took place by decree of November 23, 1810.
The furniture were transported to the nearby church of S. Elia the Prophet, while the property, offered for sale by the government, was bought by Carlo De Luca of the Marquis of Lizzano, with a deed signed November 3, 1812.

The new transformation into a private house  brought about a number of structural changes, including the transformation of the church, with the inclusion of a princely staircase on the inside, and the closure of many windows.

The cloister, however, was transformed into a vegetable garden and its arches were walled up.

The building contains important works of art, including an Arab funeral stele of the eleventh century, a seventeenth-century wooden statue of St. Clare, and various coats of arms in stone. Thanks to the precious and strenuous restoration of 1988, the building now known as the Palazzo delle Clarisse has regained the ancient monastic atmosphere.

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