In the restaurant, beautifully restored and equipped with a fully equipped kitchen, weddings take place for particularly demanding clients and refined gala dinners of particular relevance for various conferences held in Calabria. You enter the Le Clarisse Restaurant by the great seventeenth-century portal climbing the princely entrance stairway, and after having admired the great arch of the Chapel of St. Clare, you reach the floor where the celebrations take place with a capacity of 200 guests.
The Music Hall, the Hall of the Marquis, the Hall of the Bishop, the Room of the Abbess, the Choir Hall, the room of the Pleiades, the Hall of the Arab Stele, are the main halls of the Le Clarisse Restaurant. Going through the halls of this ancient dwelling is like walking through history. In the evening the Roman torches create a special fairy-tale atmosphere. The floral decorations, together with porcelains, mirrors, crystals and silverware contribute to create a precious environment .
From the Music Hall you can see the cloister of St. Claire, by going directly to two of the three large terraces that offer a divine view of the Tyrrhenian Sea. In front of you there is the island of Stromboli and on a clear day the Mount Etna.
Those invited to our banquets do not sit statically in the usual big noisy room like in modern restaurants, because they are tempted to discover the corners and the rooms of the restaurant where it is possible to admire an impressive collection of copies of the great masters of Flemish painting, Impressionism and European twentieth century.


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