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We are open every night and on public holidays for lunch.

Our task is to give you emotions, fascinating you with our ability to pamper every guests, following them in a progressive and wiseceremony of tasteful eating.
To the prestige and elegance of our creative cuisine, we have added the traditional cuisine, which has been suitably revised proposing a kaleidoscope of colors and flavours that will pleasantly confuse your senses, satisfying the most demanding palates.

A cuisine expression of feelings.


With the cuisine of the Clarisse you can seduce a man or a woman through the evocative power of spices, aromas, audacious combinations, colors, scents.

A meal to the Clarisse is a privileged moment to communicate: at the table you can argue or reconcile, making statements or confessions.

The dishes of the Clarisse are the result of a continuous and accurate search of localproducts following the seasons scrupulously.

The luxurious and minimalist ambiance of the Le Clarisse Restaurant in the city of Amantea is the ideal location for a voluptuous flavor experience, a journey through the aromas and tastes created by the chef Andrea Zazzaro: an original reinterpretation of traditional Italian and Calabrese cuisine, characterized by harmonies and contrasts, fun and aesthetic research.

The wine list, with the best vintage products, includes more than 500 vineyards selected carefully,  and a a fine selection of sparkling wines and champagne. Among the spirits, some labels are for connoisseurs.

And it is not over yet…

Bread and Pasta are home made and fresh and dried fruit is used for our delicious sweets.


20:00 to 23:00

13:00 to 15:00 
20:00 to 23.00

It is recommended.

For any further information do not esitate to contact us, or fill in the form and we will reply as soon as possible



Address: Via Indipendenza, 27 – Amantea Centro Storico (CS)


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